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tv   Happening Now  FOX News  August 8, 2014 10:00am-11:01am PDT

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come back comb any time. >> see you. >> and we begin with a fox news alert. white house press secretary josh earnest holding a daily briefing. the situation in iraq is expected to be the dominant topic. and we are waiting on the latest in iraq and we'll bring you the latest. we are monitoring the white house. >> a lot happening for sure. >> yeah. >> american bombs are fall nothing iraq as u.s. war planes carry out the first air strikes against the isis militants. >> welcome to a new hour of "happening now", i am jon scott. >> and i am heather childers. i am in for jenna lee. president obama authorized air strikes to protect americans and prevent the massacre of religious minorities. one strike happening this morning. in the northern part of iraq.
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american personnel in that area were under threat. the pentagon confirmed a pair of f- 18 from the george bush dropped 500 pound bombs on ice sis. it was called a target of opportunity and said more of the types of a strikes are possible. president obama will use force to protect americans in iraq. >> i have been careful to resist calls to turn to our military because america has other tools in our arsenal. we can lead with power of diplomacy and economy and ideals. but when the lives of american citizens are at risk, we will take action. that's my responsibility as commander in chief. and when many thousands of innocent civilians are faced
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with the danger of being wiped out we will take action. >> a second humanitarian mission delivering food and aid and supplies to thousandses refugees. they are on the run from isis terrorist who demand convert to islam or free or die. we learned about the air drop after it was completed. a senior military official said given how many refugee that need help more are likely. isis threats should be a wake- up call to the the world. >> isis' campaign of terror against the innocent, including the christian minorities and it is grotesque acts of violence, show all the warning signs of
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genocide. for anyone who needed a wake- up call, this is it? >> the u.s. faces a daunting challenge in iraq. our next guest said we are doing the right thing in helping the religious minorities and christians there. air streaks may not be enough to save them. join us is lieutenant bill cowan and he's been to the kurdish region of iraq and a fox news military analyst. you applaud the air strikes but say there will need to be other military force supplied here? >> they have to be. the air strikes didn't do much. and we know isis as we have seen from the videos run has a powerful armored force and we need to go after them and go back to shock and a we when it
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comes to destabilizing isis. and in the end of the day, air strikes are one component and there has to be heavy ground action that has to be done by the iraqis and the tough fighters. they don't have training or weaponly to conduct conventional operation which is what isis is conducting. >> we'll take you to the white house. josh earnest arrived in the podium and we'll listen to his opening statements. stand by. >> maybe it is a buzz of anticipation. either way i like. it so mr. carl gets a seat. they are on their way. >> pretty close to real time in the morning. thank you. >> come on.
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setting the record straight. i don't have any announcements and we'll go straight to questions. would you like to get us started? >> follow-up on iraq and air strikes from earlier today. do you expect additional air strikes today or over the weekend and how long these things are expected in the campaign? >> i am glad you sdreebed it that way. the authorization that the president was given for military action for military actions limited in scope and was clearly described in the remarks he delivered last night. i don't have any operational updates to share with you with additional military action. as you pointed out, the department of defense did confirm a military strike was carried out in iraq. and the additional updates will
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come directly from them. the department of defense will have capability and we'll use it in pursuit of the goals that the president articulated last night. >> what is your best definition of limited. >> there are two specific ways in which the president described. i would describe them three ways. first and foremost protection of american personnel. there are american military and nationals. and the artillery position maintained isis and struck by the american military was focused on targets that were defending irbill. and that is why it occurred. the protection of american personnel in iraq is a top priority and one that merits the
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use of military force. the second, is related to the urgent humanitarian situation that exists in the mountain. there is a religious and ethnic minority and a population of thousands of people who are stranded in the top of the mountain. isil forces are on the base of the mountain and vowing to kill those that defend. that is a urgent humanitarian situation. and the united states military carried out a successfully an air drop of supplies, food and water and basic medical supplies to those individuals stranded on the mountain and trying to provide humanitarian relief. the president authorized military strikes that could be used to address the situation in the mountain. there are kurdish security forces that are seeking to dislodge that siege in the mountain and if the american
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military efforts are helpful in supporting the kurdish forces that could be carried out. the third is broader and related to our belief and commitment to supporting integrated iraqi security forces and kurdish security forces as they unite the country and repel the threat that is opposed by the isis advance. there will be an integrated cohesive political leadership in iraq and why the country stands ready to support the formation of an inclusive government in iraq. there has been significant progress on that front and the appointment of a president, a speaker and two deputy
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speakers that reflect the diversity of iraqi population. and the prime minister has not yet been selected. that is the responsibility of the iraqi people. once that government has formed, we'll anticipate and continuing to urge that government to have an agenda so they can unite the country. the united states stands ready to support that formation and the government's efforts to depel isil. and the keployment of military force. it will not include however the additional american combat troops deployed to iraq. >> on the humanitarian situation. is there a plan to get those people off of the mountain and a role from the u.s. in those operations? >> the strategy right now is to try to meet the basic and
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immediate humanitarian needs of those trapped in these pretty terrible conditions. that is what prompted the air drop of splois that occurred overnight. and the second prong in that strategy as the president stroibed it last night is the possibility of targeted military strikes that could dislodge the isiowa l forces that are carrying out a siege on the mountain and that is in support of kurdish forces. we will support the kurdish forces that are trying to feed those at the mountain and again. what is not contemn plated is the american troops in the combat role to alleviate the situation. >> can you give us a sense what
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the president's, is he on the phone with other leaders to try to get allies to join the campaign. >> i don't have a read on the phone calls. if we can readout we'll do that in a timely fashion today. the president met with members of the national security team to get an update on the situation in iraq and he was as you expect briefed on the military strike carried out this morning east coast time. and the president will stay in touch with the national security team and be updated as necessary, okay? >> mark? >> thanks, josh. as we have seen the isis make gains, the united states sent military advisers. you and he have said no military solution to this and that the united states should not get dragged into a war.
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what is to stop that from happening? and what is to stop the islamic forces from advancing further in iraq? >> you asked a couple of different questions. i will try to take them individually. the first one is the most important thing for the american people to understand. the president said it clearly in his remarks last night. and let he repeat them. as commander in chief the president said, i will not allow the united states dragged into fighting another war in iraq. and even as we support iraqis as they take the fight to the terrorist, american combat troops will not be returned to fight in iraq. and so that is a pretty clear expression from the commander in chief of what our intentions are and the limit of military action would be. and that is a clear enunciation of the principle that is at stake here which is the belief
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that there are many challenges facing the people of iraq right now. it is the view of the president that those challenges cannot be solved by the american military. they can only be solve would through an inclusive government of the people of iraq. and they've made progress in trying to form that government. and we are hopeful that once that government is formed, they will pursue the inclusive governing agenda to unite the country that exist in that country right now. if there is a role for the american military to play in supporting the iraqi people and that inclusive government and integrated security force that is capable of defending the country, we'll use that american military prowess in pursuit of that goal. it is in the clear national
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security interest of the united states for there to be a stable iraqi government and can preside over a stable iraq and a security force that has necessary capability to address that security situation in that country. these are all difficult challenges and i don't mean to minimize them, but we have a very clear point of view. that is based on our receipt experience about the leave in that endevor. and what that means. and this is a situation it is a difficult sxhj not a challenge to be solve would by the american military. there is support provided by the american military. and there is a situation that is only solved by the iraqi people and a government that reflects the views of iraq.
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>> it effectively will buy time so the iraqis can organize their government and defense forces to repel isis. >> i don't think i would describe it that way. and i don't think the president did either. the goal that the president authorized is the protection of american personnel in iraq and address an urgent and dire humanitarian situation on the mountain and more generally a willingness on part of the american people to continue to stand with the people of iraq as they pursue a future that is reflective of the diverse population of iraq. and that future is under grave threat by isil extremist that are advancing in the country and it is our desire and clear interest of the american national security to support the
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iraqi people as they confront that threat. it is a threat we cannot confront for them. it is only met and defeated by a unified iraq in support of a capable iraqi security force that requires the support of the american military and that is support we are ready to offer but not offer it in the form of prolonged military conflict. it will not involve united states of america or american troops returning in a combat role. >> border patrol data show a decline in the number of children coming across the border illegally and adults as well. how does that data factor in the president's addressing the immigration. >> we'll say a couple of things about the data.
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and then the president's view. >> the data shoes a downward trend of the rate of uncompanied children are apprehended in the board. however, it is important to understand that compared to a year or two years ago, there is still apprehensions taking place in an elevated rate. while they have come down from the peak that we all saw earlier this summer, the rate is still, when you compare it to broader historical turns. and the second point it make on this. historical trends indicate as the weather cools and enter into the fall and winter season, traditionally the rates of apprehension and attempt to illegally enter the country go back up. the volatility of the numbers is what the administration remains concerned about and it is it why we have taken steps in the
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executive branch to reprogram funds and fund additional resources in the border. we have sewn a decloin in the rate and make sure resources are necessary if and when volatility is introduced and the numbers go back up. >> and we want to make sure we are ahead of the curv e on that. we will take action to provide resources and insure that there are enough federal resources. the president left town without acting on the request for resourc resources. and we are hopeful they will take steps to provide those resources. and as it relates to the president's commitment to acting unlaterally to address the broken immigration system. there is congress' failure and
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house republican failure to take action on a common sense proposal and address a proposal that we all know exist is evidence of how poorly congress has performed in trying to address this problem and because congress failed to act, the president is going to use the power that is vested in the executive branch to try to take steps that will address this problem. again those steps will not be as robust or impactful or long lasting as enactful of legislation but there may be things the president can do in the confines of the law to address the problem and if there are, the president will not hesitate to act on them. the final thing i will say on these, immigration in the last couple of years in the terms of the political debate was talked about quoit a bit and the need to reform the system was a view
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that was held intensely by certain segments of the population. but i think many mefrns consider this to be. >> josh earnest is moved on to discuss matters of imgrapgz. the big story of the day is the air strikes in iraq that the president authorized last night in response to a lack luster if you want to call it that, a lack luster performance from josh earnest yesterday. when ed henry and others asked if it was in u.s. interest to avoid a genocide. 40,000 people who were pushed on the mountaintop by isis terrorist who said change your religion or die. and there was no answer forth coming from josh earnest. the air strikes will go on as
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they see targets of opportunity and we'll keep you updated. >> we have other news to talk about. an eight-year-old boy, who was befriended by the university of nebraska football team. but now his father reported that the boy, has a new obstacle to overcome. we'll have the update for you. look at that truck smashing in a building after hitting a bus. you will not believe what caused that truck to spinout of control. and closing arguments in the oscar pistorias murder trial. the attorney said his legless condition made him susceptible to panic. >> if you are anxious and vulnerable. you are going to it lie a wake.
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why pay more for less? call today for a low price on speeds up to 150mbps. and find out more about our two-year price guarantee. comcast business. built for business. >> caught on camera. a coke-cola truck hits a store in florida. >> oh, my god. >> look at that. the bus had come to a stop and a marriage was about to exit when the accident happen. five passengers were hospitalized with injuries. and an employee was hurt in the store that was torn down for safety reasons. the truck driver lost control when a wasp flew in the cab.
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he was cited for careless driving, ouch. >> all right. now, a judge to begin deciding whether oscar pistorias is guilty of the murder of his girlfriend. the olympics athlete leaving court. the verdict set for september elevenths. pistorias defense attorney believes that police tamper ared with evidence and said the legless condition made him go in defensive motion. >> he is a little boy, without legs and you experience daily that this disability and the affect of this. you experience daily that you cannot run away. i am not talking about. you know i cannot run away. i don't have the flight response. we all know that we are able to
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fly. and so that, that constant reminder, i do not have legs. i cannot run away. i am not the same. >> let's bring in our legal panel. daniel iman and a fox news legal analyst and the judge and again the south africa legal system is very different than this country. the judge will take five weeks to consider the case with the help of two observers who have been in the courtroom along with her. and then on september 11th, she will announce her verdict. has the prosecution put together a case to call it pre-meditated murder. >> it is a solid case f. it was a trial by jury it would be
10:28 am
a faster verdict. when you are grasping at straws and saying faulty police officer and investigative problems it is difficult for any person to believe that. i think the blade runner will lose the race. >> what about the argument that police tampered with the evidence. >> we saw the o.j. simpson case where there was guilt but the jurors bought the tampering. a lot of defendants are using it with overwhelming evidence. but we don't have a jury, and we have the judge and two advisor. pre-meditation and the prosecutor have to show he put his legs on and walked to the bathroom and shot there knowing that reeva was inside. but will ballistics didn't add up. for him, he is six to the and change. the ballistics had to show
10:29 am
a downward and it didn't show that. he was on the tump. and pre-meditation may not be. and that is significant for him. instead of 25- life he will get 15 years. >> but there was a long running argument that night. if they have been arguing five minutes or ten minutes, is that enough to show pre-meditation. >> if he decided one minute before killing her. that is enough to show pre-meditation. and this judge is harsh in cases with domestic violence. she is not a friend with him. >> there was little change in the way the trial went. when the defense said, he might have a defect and the judge allowed him to be evaluated psychologically. and there may be some change. i am sure the judge takes her
10:30 am
role sourcely and will render the right decision in the end. >> what about the fact that the defense is relying on an emotional argument. he group without legs and a guy who tends to fear for his physical safety, isn't that an emotional argument than a factual one and what does that say about what the defense has to work with. >> that is the argument from the beginning with his vomiting and sobbing and theatrics are not doing him favors and trying to victimize him as opposed to her, that will not do him favors with this particular judge. you are not dealing with a jury but a bench officer who is particularly harsh on matters of domestic violence. >> i think he's going to be found guilty. i am not sure in pre-meditation. but the defense the judge will not buy it. >> thank you.
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>> thank you. >> heather? >> is sis militants control facilities in syria and iraq and more on the impact. and the fighting could have on the worldwide economy. stay with us. u for your sacrifice and thank you for your bravery. thank you colonel. thank you daddy. military families are uniquely thankful for many things, the legacy of usaa auto insurance can be one of them. if you're a current or former military member or their family, get an auto insurance quote and see why 92% of our members plan to stay for life.
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>> a three- day truce between hamas and israel shattered by rocket fire. militants in gaza fired the
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first shot after refusing to extend the 72 hour halt. and israel responds with air strikes. we'll have the latest there. >> john, we are hearing drones and fighter jets and continue to hear them tonight. we looked up and saw six drones in the skies above gaza at one time and we saw and felt numerous air strikes from israel and hitting points in gaza. this started early this morning without outgoing rocket fire minutes after the sos fi-- ceasefire expired. >> there was rockets fired close to the hotel. more than 45 rockets were launched since midnight and three dozen hit in israel and three intercepted and one rocket hit a house. there were a couple of injuries
10:36 am
reported in israel today and we saw a number of blasts in gaza. palestinians report five dead and 20 wounded. a 10-year-old boyamong the deaths after a variety of targets were hit in a street. three of the deaths came in a air strike from the south. and the idf blames hamas for all of the casulties. using homes and schools and hospitals as launchpads. and using civilians as shells and garnering support. there would not be air strike if hamas had not violated the ceasefire agreement. israel will not return to the talks in cairo as long as hamas fires the rockets. >> it is still a tense and gas
10:37 am
border. >> egypt is hoping to turn a page and announcing a $4 billion plan to expand the suez canle. we learned how important egypt is becoming to the united states. we'll bring in judge pirro. and she intrude the egyptian finance minister. >> what is interesting, we listen to the news, the importance of egypt cannot be underestimated. it is a quarter of the mideast and egypt has gotten rid of the muslim brotherhood. we fought them and will not tolerate them. they are a country even though there was a revolution where 35 million egyptians said we don't want the muslim brotherhood, they are on the path to a economic success and they are starting with a parallel for the
10:38 am
suez canal. and going ahead if they don't get the support they need. >> what did they say about that wish list of sorts in terms of what they want? >> egypt wants the muslim brotherhood gotten out, morsi. and they were diplomatic and not saying we didn't get promises even though they met with treasury secretary jack l. ew. but the president gave morsi billions and kept on insisting giving him and the muslim brotherhood money. egypt is strong and the people know their identity and if they were concern body isis and what is going on in the middle east, we are a nation committed to who we are and what our diversity is and they will not come in and
10:39 am
affect us. >> what did the finance minister have to stay. >> if you had a wish list. egypt is hub of investments to africa and to europe and just today. this morning. the president with many, many youth. they went there to there and digging a new suez canal. what does that mean? a new hundred years to come with egypt. we'll have two suez canals and an area between and that will be the leading area. >> and a ceasefire deal between hamas and it is important to them specifically. >> and clearly egypt has the
10:40 am
strength to move forward and be the hub not only of investment going forward but given the ceasefire. our own secretary of state couldn't have a ceasefire enforced and egypt has done it and aligned with many of our allies. we have to recognize that? >> you can watch justice with ja nine every saturday night. you are serious in that picture. >> watch me or else. >> scares me. >> and right now, wall street is carefully watching the developments in iraq. isis terrorist control oil fields and one refinery and american oil companies including chevron and exxon evacuated their personnel. and peter barnes with the fox business network joins us with what is going on with the markets. >> the big concern for the investors is the oil supplies in
10:41 am
iraq. it is one of the world's biggest oil suppliers and could this fighting disrupt oil splois and i checked this morning with platt's energy news and service. reporting no disruptions in iraqi oil supplies because the fighting is in northern iraq and not in southern iraq. production is limited in the il fields are in the south. stock markets are rattled by the conflict in iraq and the situation in the ukraine. and russian sanctions and counter sanctions and fighting between israel and palestinians in gaza. and the dow industrial before today were down 700 points, a four percent drop since their high a few weeks ago, 17,000. and that had left the dow down one percent for the year to date. but the broader s&p 500 and the
10:42 am
tech heavy nasdaq are still up for the year and we are seeing stocks rebound nicely today on comments out of russia and suggesting that perhaps tensions may be easing there. one analyst worries that all of the turmoil overseas may start to hurt the global economy. >> for the financial markets tis thorough that geo political crisis don't have much of an impact and there is a risk now with crisis in ukraine and middle east and iraq and isis. this will erode confidence in consumers and b in western europe soften the economies. and so net, all of this is a negative for the markets. >> and one thing that is happening today is because of the tensions that we have seen investors piling in to safer
10:43 am
bonds. that drove interest rates down and helped to support the economy. bad news can be good news sometimes. jon. >> and peter barnes from the fox business network. thank you. >> and we have a heart breaking update to a story that we followed closely. jack is facing cancer once again. the winner and corn husker fan under going surgery for a growing brain tumor that was previously in remission. a former nebraska running back befriended jack and he got national attention in 2013 for that right there. and running a 69 yard touchdown. and he won an espy for best moment. jack's family said he's doing
10:44 am
well. and we wish him the best and another 69 yard touchdown for him. we'll be right back.
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>> hi, everyone. coming up on the real story. staggering new numbers from the southern border and show you exclusive video from the report in ice sis. that makes al-qaeda looked jaded and it is friday. it is time for another side kick for me. and find out who it is on the top of the hour. >> welcome back. the humanitarian crisis raising fears of genocide. isis seizing control of key areas. and thousands of families trapped with food and water and medical care as they try to flee the oen ongoing fighting.
10:48 am
we have the dr. henadi. he is from the school of medicine and he will join us to talk about what the families are dealing with. we mentioned lack of food, water and medical care. we had one humanitarian drop of splois and much more will be needed. >> this is a difficult situation for a lot of people. 40 or 50 this happened people isolated. they are living their life and you see isis group taking over the whole town and the minorities and christians that are asked to be converted to muslim and islam and they ran to the mountains. >> if you don't convert. >> they will kill them. they have buried hundreds of children in a mass killing of the children. the families have run out
10:49 am
overnight without supplies and without medicine and basically nothing. and they are stuck in the mountain and from the medical stand point, they are going to suffer from dehydration and critical point and high altitude and it is difficult for the children. they are climbing the mountains and anything from trauma and falling and hitting their heads and they are walking through the mountains. they are critical. and starvation is a huge element on top of things. as of this morning, i heard there is military action going against isis and they have to worry about rage and accidents. and you are looking at an extremely medical and humanitarian situation over here. and the question is what is coming after the first drop of food and water. >> my other question to you would be. what are the chances of survival
10:50 am
and what needs to happen in order for these people to trapp. they can't get down. unless we continue to give them food and water, you know, what do we need to do? >> you are looking at a very difficult situation where people can really die especially i'm worried about children because volume and cardiac reserve is extremely low so from medical standpoint they are in danger of infection and they are worried about dehydration. they should worry about the fact that there's no shelter. at nighttime the mountain temperatures can drop. the temperature in the morning can be hot. at nighttime it can drop 30 to 40 degrees. that change in temperature and you'll see a lot of people in major medical problems not only infection but also being unconscious and starvation and dehydration. >> to survive we have to get them out. >> continuous food and water until they hang in there to see what we can do. >> thank you for joining us.
10:51 am
you'll talk more about this this weekend. doctors are in on what you need to know to keep your family safe. don't miss "sunday house call" here on fox news. we'll be right back. you do a lot of things great. but parallel parking isn't one of them. you're either too far from the curb. or too close to other cars... it's just a matter of time until you rip some guy's bumper off. so, here are your choices: take the bus. or get liberty mutual insurance.
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a look at how muslim americans are reacting to the crisis in iraq. we take you to deerborne, michigan. >> reporter: what you find here is an islamic community very anxious to condemn the actions of isis and support the opposition. at a local shiite mosque, the concern is that people will see muslims through the same prism of violent extremism. they condemn the rebels who are
10:55 am
damaging islam. >> they are absolutely anti-islam. they are the enemies of islam. they are destroying and damaging the image of islam. >> reporter: the opinion on the aid drops, too little too late but better than nothing. the opinion on the air strikes, what they would prefer to see through people in the islamic community with whom we spoke is greater support for the iraqi military. john? >> mike tobin, deerborn, michigan. thank you. stargazers in for a spectacular show. a preview of the rare occurrences lighting up the sky this weekend and don't miss a special fox news reporting hosted by bret baier, "live free or die obamacare in new hampshire." that airs at 10:00 p.m. eastern tonight with additional airings on saturday and sunday.
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looks like space is expected to put on quite a show. one of the brighter meteor
10:59 am
showers of the year taking place this weekend and we'll also see a super moon, that is when the moon is full as it makes its closest path to earth. it will be 31,000 miles closer than other full moons this year. that's exciting. >> you just gave me some exciting news. i'm going to be about 10,000 feet up in the rockies. >> you'll have a beautiful view. >> that's the best, best place to watch the meteor showers. you can see the satellites flying over. the air is so clear. it's going to be the best. >> very nice. i'm jealous. i'll be here. i love new york city. that's okay. >> all right. thank yo joining us today. "the real story" with gretchen carlson starts right now. >> have a great weekend. fox news alert. hi, everyone. i'm gretchen carlson. convert or be killed is what islamic militants are threatening christians and
11:00 am
ethnic minorities with in iraq. a state rarely hit with hurricanes stands in the path of now two huge storms for the first time in a generation. and an american missionary fighting for her life after beating ebola in africa. her husband now responding to some very surprising criticism. and it's friday. so it's time for our hashtag summer side kick. he'll chime in with whit and wisdom and it will be arthur with us today. >> wit, and wisdom and what else? >> another w. >> i don't know if i'm up for the task. >> up for being witty? how about wise? >> i'm not that old. i'll do the best i can to bring a little -- there's a lot going on. give us "the real story." >> you look tan. >> when you're italian it doesn't take much. >> you are a criminal defense attorney and you'll be the summer sidekick today.


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